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Leather Roses
Tuesday, January 3, 2012, 5:34 PM

So sorry for being absent for a while, as I just got back from Singapore. Yes, I do need to manage my blogging while I'm away! So.... How was your last day of 2011 and first day of 2012? I hope you a have a spectacular and glittery road ahead! God Bless!

Do you realize how basic shirts can be paired easily with skirts to create an instant smart look? In this outfit it creates a smart yet edgy look. As a businesswoman my mom has many basic shirts in different colors and textures. So I selected Mom’s soft pink William Rast for Target shirt to pair with my Bershka bandage leather skirt for an sweet and edgy combination. The shirt actually has a shiny texture, but I guess you can't see it in the photo. So both the top and bottom's shine give a sleek look.

Leather skirts aren't always formal and fancy. You can create a casual look too with the shirt!

Leather skirt and leather booty-wedges (Elizabeth and James). Looking sleek from head to toe. The snakeskin clutch is from Seminyak area in Bali where they sell many snakeskin products. There was this phase when Mom loved snakeskin bags and always looked for it while in Bali. I got a multicolored one, because the pattern and color is so fun and vibrant- great to spice up an outfit!

Photography and editing: Evelyne Soetanto and Adrianus Hariesta

I can't believe it's 2012 already, how about you? 

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