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Paint Me a Purple Sky
Thursday, December 22, 2011, 8:06 PM

I'm sorry that it's been a while since my last post. I just got back from Bali and didn't manage to get internet connection. I owe many posts for you from my trip! Before I go through my holiday pictures, here's an outfit post...

I was raiding my closet the other day and I found many items that I haven’t worn at all or for a long time. Two Topshop pieces of top and skirt caught my attention because it’s like 2 years old! I got them both from London’s Topshop sales rack during my Europe holiday. It is such a pity to have left these great bargains in my closet. It’s so bad isn’t it? It’s like buying without a purpose, but not anymore, because I finally wore them both.

The shoulder of the top are shoulder pads, giving it a tougher look. Do you like shoulder pads? I do, especially in a feminine look, to give the piece a boy-ish touch. I wore a colorful flower bangle to spice up the look with color of course.

The top is a backless top with a ribbon to tie at the back of the neck. I wouldn’t dare to wear it without a tank top inside, as the armhole was quite loose and open. So I wore a tank top similar in shade with the both the top and skirt. This gives it a lovely purple flow, as the purples are similar, just in slight difference of hues. 

For the shoes, I wore my Sam Edelman nude slingback pumps. Nude surely gives a soft touch to any color. 

Photography: Evelyne Soetanto
Edit: Ivana Joy

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