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The Perfect Two
Tuesday, November 22, 2011, 5:01 PM

Do you have one of those days when you’re on-the-go and just need to pick up an outfit quickly? But at the same time you don’t want to wear those boring jeans and t-shirt you have worn a million times? Here I’m creating an alternative easy to-go look for your casual days, whether it’s just for a walk in the mall or a trip to the supermarket. Casual doesn’t always mean you have to wear boring and simple clothes.

So what are the key pieces to looking casual and chic? Simply a basic white t-shirt paired with a silk high waist shorts. Basic white t-shirt is a staple and fashion investment for your wardrobe. So at least buy one with a good, soft quality that won’t fuzz quickly. Buy a couple of them in different necklines for versatility in matching your clothes. In this look, any t-shirt neckline would do. If you don’t have one good one yet, go get it!!! You will definitely need it! Mine is a v-neck from Aeropostale. I love that the shorts are loose, making it comfortable and laid-back. I fell in love with this dark blue shorts the moment I tried it on at Warehouse. They hung nicely and fit well. Make sure when you buy a loose clothing item they don’t look as if you’re drowning in them. That’s why I don’t recommend super baggy clothes on petites. However, these shorts are just the right fit and looseness for many body types!

Accessories, accessories! Bib necklaces are simply the right choice for adding some spice to a simple outfit. This bib necklace can be worn for both casual or fancy clothes. The awesome thing about bib necklaces is that they create a statement key piece (yes, I’m into key pieces to make a look stand out!; key piece is the item in the outfit that plays an important part in making the look strong). I chose the grey bib to keep a fluid look in my outfit. I wanted to keep it simple, yet chic. Then I could add  a pop of color from my Louis Vuitton epi leather drawstring bag. Yes, I am fond of having a color pop in my outfits! It gives the outfit a little extra surprise. The bag is actually, I don’t know, 20 years old? It’s passed down from my mom, but it still looks great and up-to-date. This is surely a fashion investment that you can pass on to your grandchildren. For the shoes, I kept it neutral with my mom’s Chloe wedges. They are not very high and not to mention they are soft, making it comfortable to wear all day! Oh, and I by the way, notice the huge ring flower? It’s from Charlotte Russe and the biggest ring in my collection yet. I’m a cocktail ring addict; the bigger the better!

I couldn’t decide which shoes to wear. Might as well wear both right?;p With the red pumps from Pour la Victoire, it adds more color pops to the outfit, which complements the LV bag as well. It also adds some fabulosity to the casual look. Casual and chic or casual and fabulous? You make the pick according to the shoes!

And if you’re wondering, I wore this outfit to Ciputra World mall. It was lovely to find this white spot from a store in construction. I love how the white wall and floor is the same pure white color, resulting in a clear and serene background.

Evelyn Soetanto

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