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Swept Away
Sunday, November 27, 2011, 11:48 PM

Red. What comes first to your mind when you hear the word red? There are just so many connotations of red. It is used when you’re in love, embarrassed, angry, or even in “red carpet”. So what effect does it have on fashion? There is such power that the color red has; its rich energy that wakes us up and excites us. It gives confidence and determination to the person wearing red. Yes, it’s that powerful, as opposed to if you wear neutral. This all is simply why I opted red for my first maxi skirt which was custom made. I selected the fabric at my usual local fabric shop. It’s silk and isn’t the hue just lovely? Honestly this isn’t the best material for the skirt, as it is kind of thick that it doesn’t fall or hang as I hoped. I should have gone for a lighter silk. But I still love it of course. 

The maxi skirt wouldn’t be complete without the slit that gives a statement to the whole look. I paired the skirt with a custom made one shoulder fitted silk bustier which I designed. I chose black to keep the outfit subtle. I think it’s good to keep a balance in the outfit you wear. Unless you’re planning to create some clashes.

Doesn’t the long grass make the skirt even more dramatic?

There’s enough bold color in this outfit, so I kept the shoes simple with black classic open toe pumps from Zara which I got as a birthday present. And of course the outfit wouldn’t be as lovely without the cocktail ring from Diva and bangle from Forever 21.

Honestly this wasn’t the most comfortable position to be in, as it was quite tricky to sit on these huge round things in heels, with the grass and branches around.

I actually planned to wear the outfit to my friend’s Sweet 17 party, but I changed my mind, as it was too dressy for the private party. Hopefully I'll get to wear this outfit out soon to an event, or even dress down the maxi skirt for a casual look.

When in doubt wear red -Bill Blass

 Photography: Evelyne Soetanto

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