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Puddles of Blue
Wednesday, November 30, 2011, 3:51 PM

I found this draped skirt from Topshop’s sale rack in Jakarta and without much hesitation, purchased it. It was a good deal, especially for Topshop. Usually their sale items wouldn’t be as cheap as this, so I’m happy with the purchase. The skirt caught my eye because of its vibrant patterns. I know it’s just a random print, but it reminds me of a puddle-cheetah print. Just imagining a bit here of what the pattern could be. I paired the skirt with a Moonsoon black tank, which was kinda loose, which made it comfortable. Not to mention the soft cotton fabric of the top makes it nice to wear in the hot Surabaya weather.

Bib necklaces never fails to glam up a plain top.

This look can be worn during the day or night; so versatile right? Let’s say you’re out all day from a lunch to dinner- this outfit will save you if you don’t have time to change. That applies if you’re having dinner with different people though. 

So how has your November been? Can you even believe it's the last day of November? Are you guys ready for Christmas? I'm glad to say that I'm finally done with my Semester Exams and I can relax for a while. I find myself a bit bored, but at the same time excited for a photoshoot tomorrow. Hope the weather will be sunny tomorrow. It has been sunny and super hot for a couple of days and rainy in the  next days. So unpredictable.

Photography: Evelyne Soetanto

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