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The Sweetest 17th
Sunday, October 30, 2011, 8:30 PM

19th of August, 2011 was surely a lovely night. I celebrated my Sweetest 17th Birthday, as I'd like to call it, at Primavera, Hotel Bumi Surabaya in a private party style. The party was cozy, relaxed, and intimate, just like how I wanted it to be. Okay, I know that it is so late to give a coverage of my birthday party, but it's better late than never right?

       My photos displayed on the bar table, near the entrance. I printed these 
photos in the last-minute, just the day before :p.

     White and purple adorned the round tables, with fresh flower center pieces. Oh, the hanging fabric and flowers on the ceiling was a fresh and soft combination of colors, giving a warm atmosphere.

Fresh flowers <3

The buffet area was also decorated with lovely fabric. On the right, are some sitting booths. The buffet wasn't large, but was rather like a "mini buffet".

A red-carpet style backdrop for the arriving guests and me to take photos. I love, love this photo booth!


 All the guests wrote down wishes for me and hung it on this tree. I collected all the cards afterwards and read them through, seeing a lot of "wish you all the best". :p

My sister opened the party with prayer, at 8 pm. The original invitation was at 6 pm, so I freaked out as the restaurant wasn't full at 8 pm, but more guests poured in during the prayer. I guess tardiness has always been and perhaps always will be a culture here. Ha ha. Then the singers, the band and some of my friends started sing their hearts out.

Never Knew I Needed by Ne-yo

Somehow the photographer gave me this black and white photo, before he edit the selected ones. So it may seem a little out of place, but I like the dramatic atmosphere a black and white photograph gives, especially with the singer- Alvian so immersed in the music.

 Alvian sang twice, one solo and one duet with Abigail Gunarso playing the piano. I know the keyboard on the piano is quite disturbing. It was just for emergency if the piano, which was the Primavera's, out of tune. The piano worked perfectly fine though. 

I never thought I would actually sing. Just a week before my party, I was contemplating whether to sing or not, and my sisters and practices, convinced me to do it. It was so fun to perform and I don't know why I should be so worried about singing. Take it easy and relax was the right thing to do. I decided to sing All About Your Heart by Mindy Gledhill, a soft, melancholy song.

One of my best friends suddenly walked in with a cake. I surely wasn't expecting it. Thank you :)
 Make a wish!

 Beautiful Ending by BarlowGirl

The Birthday Song- David and Angel. Each of them also sang solo;
You Raise Me Up and The Prayer- Josh Groban for David and Angel 
sang I Just Need You Now- Lady Antabellum. David might have build his first fan base that night, as the crowd asked for more songs from him. Yes, his voice is amazing
you have to hear him sing!

 Trying to get Kenneth to sing, as it was his last night before he left for Melbourne.

 Success! He finally agreed to go up after much nags and requests for him to sing. Sorry Kejo for making you sing Cinta Cenat Cenut- Sm*sh. It probably wasn't
you're favorite moment, was it?

 This was so cute my sister sang Nadia by Ada Band, so perfect for my birthday!

 First of all I thank Jesus for making this day possible! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! You have given me more than I deserve. Thank you mom and dad for raising me up with your love and care for the past 17 years! I love you! For my dearest sisters, friends, Tante Lina from Birthday Birthday who created the gorgeous decoration, Forca Photography, and Orange Band thank you for being part of this memorable night!

Photography: Forca

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