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Reflections of You
Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 9:52 PM

Mixing cultures in fashion is just a great experiment resulting in interesting styles. I love mixing ethnic prints with a modern style, like how I did in this outfit. I wore a Yunita Kosasih Ikat Skirt and a Biasa one shoulder top. Yunita Kosasih is well known for her lovely mix of beads and batik. Biasa’s products are just like its name in Indonesian: ‘biasa’ (normal), so their items are mostly simple and classic, but they often have items that can be worn in different ways. The top is made of delicate soft silk which hangs nicely on the body.

There are just so many amazing traditional prints out there. Ikat print would be one of my favorite and I love how it has survived for more than a few centuries until it is impossible to know the true origins of Ikat. Isn’t it amazing that people back then had the ability to create such beautiful fabric and patterns? History surely enriches the fabric’s value. It is part of many countries now, including Indonesia, Mexico, and India. It is interesting how different countries has a specific similarity in their culture. Ikat is a dyeing technique to create patterns on the fabric, so of course each country would have their own pattern style.

 I found this corner of light at the cafe, which is lovely for photos. Couldn’t stop taking some more shots there.

Both my top and skirt were neutral brown in different hues, so I wore my red Pour la Victoire pumps to spice up the outfit with a color pop. For the accessories I wore a colorful flower patterned bangle and one of my favorite flower cocktal ring.

Indonesian ethnic prints are now a chic and classic style, which I’m sure its popularity will bloom even more in then near future, especially after UNESCO listing Batik as one of the world’s heritage. Back then most modern people weren’t so fond of wearing traditional prints. Now let’s always love culture, love Indonesia!

Photography: Evelyne Soetanto

Gadis Fashion Blogger Competition
I'd like to share some real happy news. Yesterday I woke up with text messages congratulating me on getting 3rd place on Gadis Fashion Blogger Competition. I didn't even know yet that I won, then I checked the results it was for real! The post that was selected for 3rd place can be seen here. Gadis is an Indonesian fashion magazine for teens that has been around for 38 years, inspiring the female youths of Indonesia. And can you believe there were 1000 participants in just 2,5 months the competition was held? I thank the Lord so very much for this amazing blessing!

I will be interviewed for the magazine, and will surely share about it in the near future!

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