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Paradise Getaway Day 2
Thursday, December 29, 2011, 1:11 AM

Okay, before you go through this post, I have to say that there are quite many food photographs that aren't to be missed. So please excuse me for the food sharing.

For lunch we went to this restaurant called Potato Head. No, they're not a french fries restaurant :p. This is basically what's right in front of your eyes while you dine there:

 Sorry the picture's a bit dark, it was a cloudy and rainy day; perfect for a relaxing time.

 Amazing Panacota dessert. Amazing I could dive into a sea of theses Panacotas.

We went to check out the new W Hotel! Paris Hilton stayed there during her recent trip to Bali in November.

 I bought this bargain dress in the streets of Kuta (in Bali) I think about a year ago. I haven't got to wear it much in my city, because it's just so beach-y and boho-ish; more for a Bali outfit. As much as I love the crazy bat wing sleeves, I'm afraid it might make me a little large when I lift up my arm.


 Hard to ignore these three ultra giant cakes.

At the night we dined in this lovely Indian fine dining restaurant...

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