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Happy Birthday Mom
Saturday, December 24, 2011, 10:45 PM

 Earlier this month my mom had her birthday dinner at a lovely restaurant called De Sumatra. It used to be an old Dutch style house, then it was renovated into a classy Dutch interior restaurant. It’s a very private and intimate restaurant which takes a a few weeks of advanced booking to dine there. For this special event, I decided to wear my hot pink Zara A-line skirt which I rarely wear because I didn’t have many matching tops for it. A basic white t-shirt would do, but that would be casual right? So I raided Mom’s closet and found several matching tops. My pick fell to this sleeveless peach pink satin top from Alldressedup. Make sure you visit the store when you drop by Singapore or other countries abroad. They have the cutest design with interesting draping techniques. 

 Isn't the chandelier gorgeous? Oh, and have I mentioned that the flowers are fresh? So imagine the minute you step in the restaurant, you are greeted with a fresh aroma.

Don’t you love my sister's dress? It’s like tribal lace to me; to you? The pattern of the lace is not the regular flowery lace, but ethnic indeed. She’s also wearing nude shoes  :).

My cousin, Evelyn Soetanto, which has photographed many of my looks.

My top in the photographs looks orange-y, not like how it should be. But orange and hot pink combination is so juicy right?

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