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Paradise Getaway Day 1
Tuesday, December 27, 2011, 9:53 PM

Last week I was on vacation in a beautiful island in Indonesia, where the breeze, beaches, and gorgeous sunsets collide. Yes, it's Bali! As I have said, I will post about my trip. Here's the overview of the first day, but I didn't do much, as I arrived at noon. Took some pics in  Ayana hotel lobby as soon as I arrived...

 A traditional and modern mixture in the Christmas centerpieces.

My sister and I. Arriving guests were adorned with flower garlands.
Never saw such a creatively designed Christmas tree! Traditional Bali elements with a touch of modern Christmas decoration like the stars make up a lovely Christmas tree, right?

My family and I went for dinner in a restaurant near the hotel. Unfortunately the dinner wasn't very delicious :( But the other restaurants I went in Bali was sure awesome (wait for that in next posts!).

 An interesting looking bug in my room. Haha random :p

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