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Summer after High School
Sunday, July 8, 2012, 1:10 AM

It has been 'summer after high school' for me, but now it's official since I've already passed High School with an IB Diploma two days ago! Oh how I miss the late night tasks and stressful exams. Well, not really, but I do miss the challenging journey and the togetherness with the class. Time had to fly didn't it?

Meet my first gold skirt, which is from Sartorial Sweet. I like how it's puffy and party-ready! Let's celebrate with some gold sparkle, shall we?

Skirt: Sartorial Sweet
Necklace: Claire's
Sequined gloves: Claire's
Heels: Aldo 

Photographed by Abraham Halim and Michelle Januardi (second photo), edited by me

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