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Voila! Contest
Thursday, June 14, 2012, 10:36 PM

A while ago I joined a makeover competition held by a national Indonesian newspaper as part of their "Jawa Campus Expo". I guess the competition and the event sounds unrelated, but actually the newspaper has a weekly page called "Voila" where they makeover teens. The concept of this competition was to create a makeover theme for ourselves and tell the stylists how we would like to be dolled up.

My theme was "Modern Day Snow White" where I gave a modern twist to the classic Snow White, but still kept her elegance. My friend Felicia also joined with her theme "Blair Waldorf from the Upper East Side": preppy, sweet, and don't forget the trademark bow hairband!

I was wearing a tailored top, Hardware by Luna Maya maxi skirt, Chanel handbag, and Pour la Victoire pumps.

We also had to do a little catwalk and presentation about our concept. I definitely enjoyed the experience! 

 With one of the gorgeous judges from John Robert Powers. I got a crush on her style and the way she rocks the edgy short hair.

And the 1st winner goes to yours truly ;) Thank You God!

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