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Summer Breeze
Saturday, May 12, 2012, 10:55 PM

I survived through the IB exams and now I just have ONE left which is just a lighter subject, not stressful like Maths. I'm already having that "oh-so-good" moment; you know that feeling right? :) Oh and I just can't wait for my class' farewell trip to Singapore! Do you guys know any good thrift/vintage markets there? I seem to be missing out on the joy of Singapore thrift shopping.

So shall we approach summer with a refreshing print (okay, it's pretty much always summer over here)? Refreshing just like how I feel right now because I'm almost doooone with my exams :p Here I'm wearing a Forever 21 dress that just makes me wanna' put on a floppy hat, over-sized sunnies, comfy sandals, and just chiiiiill by the beach, with an iced lemon tea and a copy of Teen Vogue. I'm wearing a colorful pair of shoes as well, yep, the red Pour la Victoire that seems to be appearing in my posts quite frequently :/ 

I added a floral bangle which indeed is just right for some summer fun and one of my favorite cocktail rings from Diva. What's a summer outfit that makes you wanna' chill? :)

Photography: Charissa Hoediono
 BBM her for your photography needs:  255A61D7

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