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Stay Inside // Giveaway Winner
Saturday, March 17, 2012, 5:40 PM

Here's a post of a simple and cozy look, before I get back studying for my Mock Exams. In the photographs below, I'm just chilling with a warm cardigan, which isn't very appropriate for the Surabaya weather. Sparkled my soft and neutral hued look with a gold necklace, which gives out a noisy sound when it's worn. Haha. The red Chanel clutch is actually a fanny pack. "Fanny pack" doesn't seem to be such a right word, since it doesn't sound classy like how a Chanel should be. But really, if it's a Chanel fanny pack, it's not like the "convenient" ones used for hiking or something. Perhaps you can tell from the original style that this Chanel piece must be old. Well it is, since it's my mom's since around 20 years ago. Don't you just love finding classy vintage pieces from your mom's closet?

The "ufo" ring is one of my favorites in my ring collection. I actually had to buy it twice, since I lost the first one I bought. I was trying on rings at a store and I left my "ufo" ring there. I couldn't stop thinking about it that I had to buy another one. 

Do you notice the two types of cotton on the cardigan's sleeve?

Cardigan: Warehouse
Leather leggings: Bershka
Clutch: Vintage Chanel
Necklace: Random brand
Various bangles
Ring: Forever 21
Shoes: Aldo

Photography: Evelyne Soetanto
Edit by me


Drum rolls please! I'm announcing the snakeskin clutch giveaway winner :)

Congratulations to:
Valencia Maximillian
I will contact you via e-mail right away!

Thank you for each and every one of you who has joined, it means very much to me.

Okay, I really should study now. Bye :*

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