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Move Like a Junsu
Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 9:31 PM

So how many of you guys are into the hot and buzzing K-pop right now? I'm not a huge fan or anything, but their fashion is definitely intriguing and worth noticing. I chose the heartthrob boy band 2PM to take the spotlight...

 You see these  boys wearing a lot of  detailed and colorful jackets with interesting textures. Studs, metallic, print tees, they sure know how to rock it.

 Playing with monochromatic colors and prints, with a splash of red, army green, and gold. Makes such a great and fresh blend doesn't it?

 Despite their crazy selections of jackets and prints, they sure know how to look clean and classy with classic tuxedos. They don't forget to add their touches to their outfits with the fur and leather gloves.

Now get ready girls, for the following pictures from their music video "Hands Up".

 Junsu looking classy yet edgy with the stud jackets.

The jacket is amazing. Like, you can wear it forever. Yeah, you know which one I'm talking about; the glow in the dark one of course.

What I love most about the K-pop fashion is how the artists are able to present themselves in such styles that are unique and out of the box, which not Western artists and especially normal people can do. I mean, imagine Chace Crawford wearing one of 2PM's green metallic jackets...Not even Adam Lambert can pull of leather pants without looking a bit girly, can he? Whereas the K-pop male stars can definitely pull off pretty much any extreme look and give definition to "K-pop style".

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