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If My Heart Was a House You'd be Home
Thursday, January 5, 2012, 11:11 PM

I'm wearing my sister's dress from China; the fabric is soft, light, and just makes it the perfect dress for a hang out at the mall. I had some gelato and read a good book. It was sure the right dress for this relaxing day!

Silver and blue are surely a lovely match that complements each other. The blue is soft and rich, and the silver Tory Burch flats shines, which acts as the stand out key piece. I love having one item in my outfit that stands out when I’m wearing a soft or one-color block outfit. Of course the Tory flats were a comfortable yet stylish choice for the day. I wore a classic Chanel flap bag from my mom’s collection which she has given to me. It’s actually about 20 something years old, but Chanel has surely proven its ability to fight "aging". The leather is still smooth and fine, with minimum peeling of the leather. Chanel has been a girl’s best friend with its classic and classy quilted handbags, that is timeless in trends and never fails to look gorgeous.

More silver elements from the accessories.

I recall that this feather-like structure necklace was only S$5 when I got it in Far East Plaza! Awesome bargain, right?

Literally make a statement with a cocktail ring; "broken wings are fragile and imperfect, but isn't it the flaws that make us perfect?"

Can't deny that this piece is one of my favorite baby in my collection <3

Do you love Tory or what? ;p 

Photography: Ivana Joy

Btw, I'm joining Mode Republic's Outfit Contest, hope you'd vote me here 
before January 17th, 2011 (it's really quick and easy to register on Mode Republic)
Just tell me if you have voted and I'll follow you on GFC, Bloglovin', and fan you on Lookbook if you have the accounts :)

Thank you so much darlings <3 

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