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Pantene Swissshers Experience Day 1
Monday, November 26, 2012, 11:13 PM

I was in the middle of my sewing course when my Blackberry rang. My heart was already beating before even looking at the number, and it was beating even faster when I saw the area code of the foreign number. Yes, I have been waiting all day for that one phone call from the Pantene Swissshers Photo Contest representative. The lady over the phone asked about my availability for the Swissshers Experience that weekend. The words Thank You God was dancing in my mind. I won! All the prizes that I really hoped to win, but maybe was too good to be true...was actually mine! My body was a bit shaky after I hung up; maybe I should have asked my teacher to pinch me and tell me I wasn't dreaming. Or maybe I was.

I got to fly to Jakarta on 9th November and stay at Le Meridien Hotel for 2 nights (for free!). There were 10 Swissshers Candidates that got to go through the Swissshers Experience. As I arrived I had someone pick me up, that someone is one of Cosmo magazine's crew that was taking me to MRA group studio! MRA group has many leading magazines under them, such as Cosmopolitan, Cosmo girl!, Esquire, Hello!, Bazaar's, and Good Housekeeping. And you can guess the purpose of going there; yep, a photoshoot for one of their magazines, Cosmogirl! Okay, someone pinch me again, I was at an actual magazine shoot. A magazine that is sold all over Indonesia. Pinch me.

The photo shoot was basically a makeover shoot. We took the before shoot first with a white shirt and skirt. No touch up or the slightest bit of foundation from the studio. However we looked that day was short in the SLR camera.

 With the sweet Eunike, my make up artist for the day! 

After the hair and makeup was done, it was time to pose away with our angelic dresses from Antero boutique which we got to keep.


Of course we did not forget to use our spare time to take personal photos!

To be continued on the next post ;)

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