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Flower Girl
Thursday, June 20, 2013, 9:57 PM

 I finally did an outfit shoot in Melbourne, thanks to miss photographer Aida Gunawan. She's majoring in photography in RMIT; how cool is that? These shoots took place in Royal Botanical Gardens. It looks like I'm so calm in these photos, but I was actually maintaining my balance from letting myself fall. For the outfit, I just went for a simple and classy white dress layered with an off-white crochet top. And of course gold chain accessories can never go wrong. I am also in love with my new flower crown which adds femininity and grace and blends so well with the serene atmosphere of the photos.

Dress: Cotton On
Top: Sheinside
Flowercrown: Flowercrown Fiends
Necklace: Lovis
Bracelets: Equip


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