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DFO Shopper of the Year
Saturday, June 1, 2013, 7:52 PM

After being MIA on the blog for like a long while *ugh*, I bring you a post on the DFO Shopper of the Year 2013 event that I got to be a part of on 24th of May. By answering in 25 words or less to the question "What makes you Australia's best shopper?", 50 semi-finalists were given $200 and 45 minutes to create a look. Now who knew shopping on the clock could be so intense, especially when choosing the perfect pair of shoes...I didn't go further to be a finalist, but I had such a great day! We got to keep the clothes, just fyi... :)

One of the two finalists Zerin. Gorgeous look and girl :)

The editors of SHOP magazine as the judges. 

I decided to go for a sporty look that I never really tried, and maintained my favorites of "color pop" and classic gold accessories.

 With the MC.

New babies: my first pair of sneaker wedges!

Yes, I'm sooo happy with these free all-new items! So blessed; thank You God :)

Bomber jacket: Cotton On
Leather shorts: Mosquito
Necklace: Equip
Bracelets: Equip
Bag: Ruby & Kit
Sneaker wedges: Windsor Smith

Photographed by Aida Gunawan

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